All students wishing to register in the Ballet Program or Additional Dance Classes must be placed in an appropriate class by the Director, Kim Parmer. To schedule a placement class please email:

Students wishing to participate in the Pre-Ballet Program may register according to their age as of September 1st, 2018.

Upon registration, students' parents, or their guardians, must complete:

  1. Tuition Agreement Form
  2. Photography/Videography Release Form
  3. Liability Release Form
  4. Code of Conduct Agreement


Tuition is for the entire academic year of dance. Tuition is non-refundable, unless the student is unable to dance due to injury or illness (must be accompanied by doctor’s note) or the student’s family moves more than 25 miles away. Students registering after the initial start date will have their tuition prorated.

MSD offers 3 payment plans:

  1.  Pay in one lump sum (discount of 2.5%)
  2. Split tuition into three payments occurring on the first of September, December, & March. 
  3. Pay in 9 monthly installments on the first day of each month September – May. 

To pay in installments (options 2 & 3) you must place a Credit Card on file at time of registration. Payments will be made automatically. Any Credit Card changes must be made more than 15 days prior to scheduled payment. 

If you are in need of tuition assistance, please contact Kim Parmer to inquire about MSD’s work study program: 

Inclement Weather Policy:

MSD follows MCPS. In addition, any late openings, early closings, or cancellations will be posted on our website, facebook page, and in a message on our answering machine. Decisions about delayed or cancelled classes on Saturdays will be made by 7am. Regardless of official cancellations, parents are urged to use their best judgment when accessing the safety of travel.


Attendance is mandatory for all classes and rehearsals. If a student is absent due to illness or other conflicts, please call the front desk, or email

Every effort should be made to maintain regular attendance to ensure consistent progress.

Students tending to injury are encouraged to observe classes & rehearsals in order to familiarize themselves with new vocabulary, take notes on corrections & learn choreography.


Students arriving more than 15 minutes late must observe and will not be allowed to participate. This policy is for the safety of students, as injuries are likely to occur if the student has not participated in the appropriate warm up exercises.

Student Drop Off & Pick Up:

Parents must accompany all Pre-Ballet, Beginning Jazz and Ballet Program Level 1 & 2 students into the building, and must pick them up inside MSD. Students in the levels listed here are not permitted in the front or back parking lots unaccompanied.

MSD is not responsible for students before or after their scheduled class time.

Lost & Found

A Lost & Found is located in the girls' dressing room

MSD is not responsible for items lost or stolen in the facility.

Code of Conduct:

All members of the MSD community will:

  • Be respectful of all MSD community members and their belongings
  • Aim to make good choices in terms of conduct and behavior
  • Treat others as they would like to be treated
  • Be respectful of MSD’s facility including lobby, dressing room, and studio areas
  • Arrive for class on time, in uniform and prepared to dance
  • Clean up after themselves
  • Refrain from disruptive behavior including horseplay, talking during class, and loud behavior in the lobby areas.
  • Take pride in their dancing, their peers and their school!

Harassment, theft and bullying will not be tolerated.